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Door Handles
Door Handles

Door handles are used in vehicles,and allow easy access in and out of the vehicle. There are many types of handles,and are available in many shapes and sizes. A typical door handle is a straight bar,which runs parallel with the outside of the vehicle. The inside door handle is typically vehicle specific, based on the interior design of the vehicle, and its manufacturer. Door handles are typically protected by an outer plastic,chrome, or metal casing,which protects the vehicle's paint, located near the handle, from scratches.

A standard door handle operates by using many small components, which open and close,in order to secure the door. The mechanism works by using a small piece of metal,which latches on to a U-shaped metal bolt, on the door's frame. The latch is a simple metal tongue,and it slides back on a spring-loaded swivel.When the vehicle's the door is closed, the lever swings back, over the U-shaped bolt, and lines up with the door frame,which causes it to lock shut, until the door handle is pulled.

Recently,door handles have improved in reliability and quality. In many older vehicles, these mechanisms would fail if dirt, cold temperatures,or added friction were present. Newer mechanisms are more tolerant to these factors, and rarely fail.

The advent of the key fob and wireless entry, revolutionized door handles and their operation. This new technology allowed easier access to the vehicle, without having to manually open the lock with a key. Some luxury vehicles produced,no longer feature door handles, instead use shaved door handles. Instead of the handle, the door can be opened by pressing a button, which simultaneously opens the lock and pops the door open enough for a person to open it further.

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