Vehicle Door Handle Covers

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Door Handle Covers
Door Handle Covers

Door handle covers are used behind the door handle,in order to protect the vehicle's paint from any dings or scratches. Using a cover in this area is so essential because the door handle is one of the highest traffic spots on a car since it is used every time someone wants to get inside. Door handle covers are also commonly used on other handles which may be located throughout the vehicle such as the tailgate handle.

Over the years, the material used to make door handle covers has varied greatly. The most common materials that are used to make door handle covers are ABS plastic and metal. ABS plastic has seen widespread use as a door handle cover because it is both strong and resistant to scratching. These plastic covers will normally be seen in just straight black but many manufactures have started painting them to match the color of the rest of the vehicle. To give a more unique and shiny look to the vehicle, metal that is chrome plated will also be used as a door handle cover. This type of cover provides maximum protection as well as the ultimate shiny look.

The size and style of a door handle cover will greatly vary depending on the styling of other components on the vehicle. Because of this, people may want to customize the look of the vehicle by swapping out these covers. This can be easily done since door handle covers are usually not that hard to remove on most vehicles. When buying aftermarket door handle covers, it is important to select a pair that fits your vehicles handle size since there are many different sizes available on the market. Certain vehicles may use covers which extend all the way out to the key hole so it is important to take those minor details into consideration as well when buying a door handle cover.

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