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Dash Covers
Dash Covers

Dashboard covers are a large mat like cover, which is placed on the dash in a vehicle, in order to protect the dash from glare, and heat. There are two common types of dashboard covers, a front deck cover and a rear deck cover. These can be made out of many different materials which all serve the same purpose which is protecting the vulnerable dash beneath. These dash covers are secured using many different methods depending on the size and shape of the dash and material that it is composed of.

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Vehicle Front Deck Cover

Front Deck Cover
Front Deck Cover

Front deck covers are mat like objects that lay on top of the dashboard to protect the plastic or rubber surface underneath from cracking, warping, and discoloring. These covers are custom fit for each vehicle to accommodate components such as vents, gauges, and other parts that may be on that particular vehicles dashboard. Using a front deck cover will also reduce glare that is created when the sun hits the windshield and any of the shiny components on the dashboard. As an unprotected dashboard heats up, it emits gasses which rise up and stick to the inside of the windshield. This will cause the windshield to become glazier over time which will reduce the vision from inside the vehicle. Continue Reading -->

Vehicle Rear Deck Cover

Rear Deck Cover
Rear Deck Cover

Rear deck covers are a mat like object that sits on the rear deck underneath the rear view window. Using a rear deck cover will keep the rear dash from cracking, warping, and discoloring. This mat is custom made for each individual vehicle to accommodate for things such as seat belt mounts, vents, and speakers which are commonly built into the rear dash. Using a rare deck cover will reduce any glare that is created by the window and metal pieces such as the seat belt connectors which may be located near the dash. As the rear deck heats up, it will start emitting gasses which rise up and stick to the inside of the rear view window which can make the window glazy and harder to see out of. Continue Reading -->

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