Vehicle Custom Plastic Floor Liner

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Custom Plastic Floor Liner
Custom Plastic Floor Liner

Custom plastic floor liners provide the vehicle's interior protection from moisture, and debris. Custom plastic floor liners are designed to fit securely on the floor of the vehicle, leaving no gaps between it, and the original flooring. These floor liners typically have tall ledges which ride up the walls and floorboards of the vehicle,in order to provide a snug fit. These tall ledges provide more protection to the interior, than a standard floor mat.These liners are made with a high strength plastic,which remains flexible for easy installation and removal. Some plastic liners are from clear vinyl, which allows the original carpet to be seen, while having the protection of a liner. The high strength plastic used on these liners prevents wear and tear that may occur from shoes rubbing the liner.

Plastic floor liners can not absorb moisture,therefore channels are stitched in to the mat, in order to control the flow and placement of the liquid. These channels typically direct fluid away from any passenger's, until it is drained. The channels also provide grip,and an area for scraping debris off of shoes.

Custom plastic liners are available in many colors,in order to match the vehicle's interior.

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