Vehicle Custom Plastic Cargo Liner

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Custom Plastic Cargo Liner
Custom Plastic Cargo Liner

Custom plastic cargo liners are used in the trunk, or cargo area on a vehicle, and protect the original interior from liquids and debris. Made out of strong materials such as thermoplastic polyolefin, a plastic cargo liner can be just as flexible and durable as any other liner on the market. Plastic cargo liners are designed to keep their flexibility and strength even in extreme conditions where some other materials may be prone to wearing faster. The flexibility of a plastic cargo liner enables it to be easily removed and installed which will be especially useful when cleaning. Plastic cargo liners are easily cleaned of using a hose and left out to dry before putting it back in the vehicle.

Custom plastic cargo liners are designed to fit perfectly in the space they were designed for without any interference from things such as the wheel wells and stereo box. Most plastic cargo liners will feature a skid resistant surface that keeps things from sliding around in the trunk or cargo space while driving. An outside lip surrounding the entire liner is also common on plastic cargo liners because it helps prevent spills and dirt from bouncing up onto other parts of the vehicles interior. Custom plastic cargo liners will also usually feature a system of channels of grooves which can be used to control liquids and other debris that are left inside the cargo liner for long periods of time.

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Husky Liners


Kraco Enterprises LLC

Rugged Ridge-Outland

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