Vehicle Custom Carpeted Floor Liner

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Automotive Carpeted Floor Liner
Automotive Carpeted Floor Liner

Custom carpeted floor liners are the most common floor liners available,due to providing a perfect fit.These floor liners typically have tall ledges which ride up the walls and floorboards of the vehicle,in order to provide a snug fit. These tall ledges provide more protection to the interior, than a standard floor mat. Grommets or secure points are used in order to secure the liner. Many custom liners have a non slip backing,which prevents movement of the liner.

Custom carpeted liners are made out of nylon, which is durable and resistant to dirt, mud, and water. These liners have a water resistant bottom,and often have a patch of leather stitched in to them,to prevent excessive wear in high traffic areas.

Custom carpeted liners are available in a variety of colors, in order to match the vehicle's interior.

Who Makes This

Lloyd Mats

Lund International

Avery’s Floor Mats

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