Vehicle Custom Carpeted Cargo Liner

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Custom Carpeted Cargo Liner
Custom Carpeted Cargo Liner

Custom carpeted cargo liner is used in many vehicles, because of its soft and original factory installed appearance. Many carpeted cargo liners can be bought in a variety of different colors to match the existing interior fabric which is a huge plus. Getting a custom carpeted cargo lining will ensure that every obstacle such as tire wells or speaker boxes are accounted for and don’t interfere with the positioning of the liner. Most carpeted cargo liners will use a strong material such as nylon which is extremely strong and can handle the wear and tear of everyday use. Most carpeted cargo liners will use an additional layer of latex underneath the carpet to prevent and leaks or debris that has seeped through the carpet to get to the interior. A fray resistant border is also very common on carpeted cargo liners because that is the place that usually wears fastest.

Most custom carpeted cargo mats are held down using grommets, straps, or a system of snaps. A non slip bottom is also very common on carpeted cargo liners to keep it from sliding around when putting large of heavy things on it. Having a carpeted cargo liner will also help reduce noise coming from the suspension and exhaust which is usually located under the trunk. This will make for a more comfortable ride, especially for people riding near the trunk or cargo area. Many custom carpeted cargo liners can also be imbedded with a cool design or logo. Most custom cargo liners will allow the buyer to choose their own design or logo before buying the product.

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