Vehicle Cup Holders

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Cup Holders
Cup Holders

Cup holders are standard in most late model vehicles,due to their simple design and importance. The need for cup holders was realized in the late 1950’s as drive-in restaurants, became more and more popular,due to passenger's drinks having to be put on the floor of the vehicle,and spilling.

There are many styles of cup holders available,and many locations where they can be installed,such as the middle console,the floor console,the rear consoles,the door,and the vehicle's dash. The cup holder's design is typically a hole in the vehicle's console,or a foldout cup holder,which may be hidden in the dash. Late model vehicles have cup holders which can accommodate large and extra large drinks,however,this size of cup holder is not secure for a small drink,therefore, some vehicle manufacturers have began inserting a bar to tighten around smaller drinks.

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