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Convertible Tops
Convertible Tops

Convertible tops are used on vehicles that do not have a fixed roof,and protects the interior components from theft, and the elements. Using a convertible top is something that has been popular on cars since they were first invented. This was most likely because older cars did not have complex air conditioning systems like today’s cars so having a constant flow of flesh air fly past you was a huge plus. Since there is no better feeling than riding around in a convertible on a nice sunny day, these tops are still used in many sport and luxury vehicles today.

The design and construction of most convertible top is fairly simple and straight forward. It consists of a fabric material that can be draped over the vehicle to take the shape of a standard hard top. After the top is fully closed and the windows are all rolled up, the vehicle will look very similar to any other car except for the fact that the vehicles with a top may stick out more due to the color and type of material used to construct the top. The fabric material that is often used in the construction of convertible tops is vinyl because of its strength and resistance to ripping. Vinyl makes such a good material to be used for convertible tops because it is completely waterproof and it has the same flexibility as most other fabrics. Strong seams that won’t split are also used so that long periods of high wind resistance or wear don’t deteriorate the fabric used to make them to. There are also some vehicles that use hard tops that are made out of materials such as fiberglass, but these are not as common as fabric tops because they are not flexible which makes them harder to install and remove.

Many innovations have been made over the years in the way a convertible top is removed and installed. Some of the earliest tops were completely separate from the vehicle and they had to be lined up and installed completely by hand. Since this method of attaching the top meant that it couldn’t be done in a need to be basis, other methods which were more efficient were looked for. The biggest leap in convertible top designs was the folding top. This particular design meant that the top could stay folded in the rear of the vehicle, but easily pulled up in a moment’s notice. This design was so useful because it meant that people could open or close the top whenever they felt like it without having to plan on it beforehand. Advancements on this design were made so that a button can be pressed in the car to make the top fold up or down. This electronic method of controlling the convertible top is what we most commonly see today because it is fast and doesn’t require any physical interaction. Concealing the top while it is folded down has also been a very popular innovation on vehicles with convertible tops. Most modern vehicles will hide the folded up top over a rear panel or seat which opens up as the top is being folded out or compressed in.

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