Vehicle Control Arm Bushings - Polyurethane

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Control Arm Bushings - Polyurethane
Control Arm Bushings - Polyurethane

Control arm bushings are used on a vehicle's suspension, and are located between the mounting of the frame, and the control arm. The bushing is made from rubber, which prevents the metal from rubbing together, and pivots in between the two metal components, in the control arm. The control arm bushing assists with tire alignment, and prevents noise and vibration in the suspension. Control arm bushings, are typically made from polyurethane, however, torsional elastic rubber, is sometimes used.

The control arm bushing consists of an outer metal sleeve, an inner metal sleeve, and the rubber inside the bushing. The metal sleeves provide support for the rubber, and protect the rubber from deterioration. The number of bushings a vehicle will have, depends on how many control arms the vehicle has. For example, front wheel drive vehicles have one lower control arm, while large trucks, and SUV’s have a lower and upper control arm. Since rubber wears over time, regular maintenance of the control arm bushing is recommended. The maintenance of the bushings does not need to be done by a professional, this can be done at home by following the control arm to its ends, where the bushing is located, and observing the condition of the bushing, or by observing the bushing through the front wheel wells. When a bushing is replaced, it is imperative that the control arm is centered in the bushing, which allows even wear of the bushing's.

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