Vehicle Clear & Replacement Light Assemblies

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Clear & Replacement Light Assemblies
Clear & Replacement Light Assemblies

A replacement light assembly is an aftermarket accessory added to a vehicle, in order to enhance the appearance of its lights. These light assemblies are commonly used on vehicles that are looking for a sportier or sharper appearance. There are many different kinds of replacement light assemblies that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit any kind of vehicle. The most common type of replacement light assemblies are designed to replace the taillight, headlight, and third brake light.

The difference between a replacement light assembly and the ones that come on the vehicle from the factory is normally just the styling and features. Most of these aftermarket light assemblies are much flashier because they use chrome and bright colored plastics inside the assembly itself. This can create a change in lighting because the bulbs will reflect of the bright colored metal and plastic differently. There are also clear replacement light assemblies that are designed to match the original lights perfectly. These are used allot in vehicles that only break one assembly in a crash because it eliminates the cost of having to get all new light assemblies on the vehicle to match.

Installation of a replacement light assembly is normally really easy since the standard assemblies are designed to come out easily so that the bulbs can be changed. Most of these new light assemblies are secured to the vehicle with the same mounts that the old original assembly used which makes everything much more convenient. Since most vehicles will have different kinds of light assemblies, it is important to get the exact model and size that is meant to fit your vehicle. A properly installed replacement light assembly should fit flush with all the body paneling and not stick out as an accessory that was just thrown on.

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