Vehicle Class III, IV, V Hitches

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Class III, IV, V Hitches
Class III, IV, V Hitches

Class III, IV, and V hitches are designed for mid sized to heavy duty vehicles which are used for towing 3,500 to 18,000 pounds. 600 to 1,800 pounds can be put on the hinge's tongue depending on what class hinge is being used, since the suspension is more durable and thicker on these vehicles. Staying below the maximum weight allowed on the tongue will make for a smoother ride as well as reduce the possibility of the suspension bottoming out. These hitches can be used to tow anything from a personal trailer to a large boat or car. The receiver hitch opening is 2" x 2" on class III and IV hitches while the class V hitch uses a 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" opening. The construction and metal thickness of these parts are very similar. Adapters are available which can convert the larger inlet found on these hitches into a smaller one which is needed when towing a trailer with a smaller ball hitch.

These hitches are designed for specific vehicles, in order to reduce conflict regarding the spare tire, bumper, exhaust, or even mismatched mounting holes. Most of these hitches are bolted to the chassis but some may require welding. These hitches commonly come with the bolts and other components which are needed for installation. There are small hole cutouts near the inlet of the hitch where chains can be secured for added security while towing. When installing the hitch, it is imperative to wire the trailer for taillights, brake lights and blinkers. Depending on the vehicle, this wiring may be connected to an existing electrical box or it may need to be wired into the system.

The material used to make these hitches is steel, due to its ability to perform under extreme weight and stress. Due to the placement of the hitch being near the rear tires, the hitch may come into contact with mud and dirt. For this reason, a rust preventative coating has been applied to the hitch in order prevent corrosion from contact with mud, dirt and grime.

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