Vehicle Child Restraints & Seats

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Child Restraints & Seats
Child Restraints & Seats

Child restraints, and special car seats, are imperative to use while driving with children. Car seats and child restraints are essential, due to the large size of seats in vehicles. Seats in vehicle's must be large enough to accommodate most adults, however, children can be jolted out of their seat belt, due to the gaps between the child, the seat and the seat belt. Car seats are secured to the vehicle's seat, with the seat belt and fill in any gaps between the child, the seat, and the seat belt. Once the child is placed in the secured seat, the child is then secured with the car seat's harness, which is more complex, and effective than a standard seat belt. The car seat's harness, or restraint, is placed over the child's head, and shoulders, which supports their whole body in the event of an accident.

Since children have weaker muscles, and bones, car seats and restraints, have proven to be effective, therefore, mandatory by law in most states. Most states require children be restrained in a car seat until they reach a particular age, or weight. Due to new laws requiring older children, not just babies, be secured with a car seat, new styles of car seats have become available, in order to meet the needs of children between the ages of 4 and 8. The older child car seats resemble a babies car seat, however, they typically do not employ the car seat's harness, instead the vehicle's shoulder belt is used.

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