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Cargo Tray
Cargo Tray

A cargo tray is a platform that is used to hold cargo such as ice chests. bicycles and motorcycles. These trays come in many shapes and sizes to provide maximum security. These trays are most often flat, however, some may have rails and mounts to specifically hold motorcycles or other heavy objects that may have otherwise needed a trailer for transport.

The cargo tray connects to the hitch of the vehicle, which allows the tray to support heavy weight. These trays are available in 1-1/4 and 2 Inch hitch sizes and can be installed on most vehicles that have a hitch. A pin is used to secure the tray to the hitch. This pin can be easily installed and removed which allows the tray to be used when needed and then stored when not in use.

Many cargo trays are built using high quality materials such as steel or aluminum, which can support weights in excess of 500 pounds. Since the cargo tray only attaches on one side, triangles are often used in order to support the weight. Incorporating rails on the cargo tray also shapes the tray into a box structure which gives it more strength and durability. Since these trays are usually all metal, a corrosion resistant finish is applied to reduce rust, and protect the tray from dirt, salt, grime and corrosion.

Depending on the cargo tray, small features such as extra taillights are often used. These lights work off of the electricity from the trailers connecting harness that powers the trailer's lights. Other features such as mounting holes are commonly used on these trays in order to further secure the cargo. Elevated cargo trays are used for vehicles with low clearance and reduce the risk of scraping the cargo tray while driving.

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