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Cage Or Bar Padding / Covers
Cage Or Bar Padding

Padding for roll cages, or other vehicle cages, is wrapped around the metal of the cage to protect the vehicle's occupants, from serious injury, in the event of a rollover, or collision. The padding is typically made of foam, which is durable,yet soft, and provides cushion. Roll bar padding is simple, and convenient to install, and is attached with an adhesive, or zip ties. Roll cage padding is inexpensive, and can increase the "look" of a vehicle's interior. The padding is available in many colors, and can be matched to most interior colors, on most vehicles.

For off road vehicle's, which may be convertible, or have an open back,making them subjected to water, and mud, roll bar covers are popular, because they protect the roll bar's metal from corrosion, and dings.

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