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A vehicle cage is a metal frame, which is built into the passenger compartment of a vehicle, in order to protect its passenger's from injuries, in the event of a roll over or collision. These cages are typically installed on high performance vehicles ,and race cars, due to the probability of an accident, at high speeds,occurring. Most racing leagues require a cage be installed, before the vehicle can enter a race, or the league.

There are several types of materials used for making a cage,however mild steel, or chromoly steel tubing, are the most common. Chromoly steel tubing is most commonly installed in high end race cars,due to the fact that it is more durable than mild steel, and the metal is thinner. Vehicle cage designs vary, however the use of triangulation, is common. Triangles are the most common design because of the tremendous amount of strength they provide, while using the least amount of tubing. The welding on a vehicle cage is continuous, which allows the cage to remain in tact, when a roll over,or collision occurs. The bent shape of a vehicle cage, allows the weight of the vehicle to be evenly distributed throughout the bar, and into the frame,in the event of a collision, or rollover.

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