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Bumper Guards
Bumper Guards

A bumper guard is a component,which is used on the front or back bumper, of a vehicle,in order to prevent scratches from any cars which may have come in to contact with the vehicle. These guards are extremely useful when driving in large cities where parking spots are tight. Bumper guards are typically used when the vehicle is not in use, which means they have to be attached once the car is parked. Since the bumper guards are designed to hang over the bumper, they are typically just hung over another component such as the hood ornament,in order to keep them secured in place.

The material used in the construction of a bumper guard will vary but most are made out of rubber, foam, and cloth. All of these materials will create a barrier between two bumpers and prevent any rubbing which can chip and damage the paint. These materials also act as a small shock absorber, to prevent any bending of the bumper cover which may occur, with a light hit. Since these covers stay in place over night, it is important that the materials used are weather resistant so that they don’t degrade when exposed to harsh elements for long periods of time.

Bumper guards come in many different shapes and sizes,in order to obtain the correct fit. Some of these guards will span the length of the entire bumper, while others will only be a small square to provide cushion, if the car is hit from the front or back. When not in use bumper covers can easily be folded up and stored behind a seat, or in the trunk.

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