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Bumper Covers
Bumper Covers

Bumper covers are body color restyling accessories, which properly fit either the front or rear bumpers, on a vehicle. This component covers the shock absorbers that are placed in the front and rear of the vehicle. Instead of a conventional metal bumper that bends and crumples as something hits it, this style bumper has shock absorbing materials such as foam and rubber which compact and then expand as the vehicle is hit. This new method that uses shock absorbers and a bumper cover can absorb the same impacts as a steel bumper at a fraction of the cost. When a bumper cover is hit, it is designed to bend or crack so that the absorbing material inside can take the brunt of the load before it is sent into the frame. The flexibility of bumper covers means that even a small fender bender may not crack or harm any components of the cover or internal components at all.

Since a bumper cover is only designed to protect internal absorbing materials it can be made out of a flexible material that matches the rest of the body. This material is usually ABS plastic which is the same strong plastic that is used on many other parts in modern day vehicles. Since the bumper cover is flexible and easily molded, many different variations are available in customized designs. This is especially true on the front bumper cover which may have cutouts for things such as lights and air vents. Bumper covers can easily be installed or removed by undoing clips or taking out the screws or bolts which are holding it in place. This makes installing a new cover after an accident or when doing body work very easy and cheap.

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