Vehicle Bug / Hood Shields

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Bug / Hood Shields
Bug / Hood Shields

Bug shields are used on the hood of a vehicle,in order to protect the vehicle's paint from insects, rocks, and gravel. This shield is placed all the way towards the front of the hood and it extends up a few inches to deflect any of the things which would otherwise hit the hood and smear or scratch the paint. Bug shields are typically only used on large vehicles such as trucks, vans, and suv’s because their boxy front end makes them more prone to damage than a smaller car. To withstand the punishment of rock and gravel, a bug shield has to be made out of a strong material that won’t crack or deform under the worst of conditions. The most common material used to make these shields is ACA impact resistant plastic which is both extremely strong and flexible. Bug shields come in a wide variety of different colors but they are normally smoke black because that color blends in with other components that are nearby such as the windshield and lights.

Installation of a bug shield is a very simple process that can be done by just about anyone at home. Most new bug shields are installed with the use of extremely strong 3M tape. This is done by placing the two sided tape on the bug shield and then sliding the shield into place so that the 3M sticks to the metal surface under the hood. Many older style bug shields use screws which are be secured to the underside of the hood. You don’t see many methods that use screws anymore because drilling was sometimes required and many people don’t feel comfortable drilling holes in their vehicle. Ensuring that the bug shield is secure once the hood is shut is important because a loose shield may wiggle loose once it is exposed to the vibrations of the engine or when exposed to highway speeds.

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