Vehicle Body Bushings

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Body Bushings
Body Bushings

Body bushings are components on a vehicle which eliminate squeaking, and rattling, and they are located between the vehicle's body, and its frame. Body bushings are circular in shape, and have a hole in their center, which is where their bolt is located. When the bushing is in place, the bolt is attached through the bushing, and the vehicle's frame, and secured to the vehicle's body. In order to provide cushion between the frame, and the vehicle's body, the bushing is typically made from rubber. Body bushings are outdated, and no longer used in late model vehicles, due to new uni-body design, and flexibility, in newer vehicles.

When replacing a body bushing, the vehicle will need to be raised by a jack, the bolt removed, the old bushing removed, the new bushing slid in to place, and secured with the bolt. It is recommended to replace all of the bushings when any of them are worn. Body bushings are available in several heights, and widths, and are vehicle specific.

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