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Blocks & Accessories- Lower
Blocks & Accessories- Lower

Lowering blocks are commonly used, when lowering a vehicle. These blocks are placed in between the vehicle's leaf springs, and the axle, which in turn moves the axle closer to the body, and higher in the wheel well. The amount that the vehicle can be lowered, is dependent on the on the size of the blocks. For example, a 1" block will lower the vehicle's body 1", while a 2" block will lower the vehicle's body 2". When using blocks, it is recommended to lower the vehicle an inch, or two, only. If more than two blocks are stacked, the blocks would be too high, and could cause the vehicle to be unstable, and operate poorly. Lowering blocks have a round protrusion on one side, which allows the block to be secured on to the spring pad, located on the axle. The blocks are then secured in place with u-bolts, and nuts.

Lowering blocks are available in kits, which include the blocks, and the u-bolts. Purchasing a lowering block kit is convenient, and ensures that the parts needed for lowering the vehicle are included.

When installing a lowering block kit, it is imperative that the vehicle's suspension is a match, for using lowering blocks. Lowering blocks are for vehicle's, which have a suspension where the axle, is over the springs. If lowering blocks were installed on a suspension, which had the springs over the axle, the vehicle would be lifted, not lowered. If the nuts, which secure the u-bolts, are at the top of the u-bolts, in the suspension, the vehicle is not a candidate for lowering.

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