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Blocks & Accessories- Lift
Blocks & Accessories- Lift

Lift blocks are used for achieving a small amount of lift, on the rear suspension of a vehicle. The amount of lift able to be achieved, with the use of blocks, typically ranges from 1” to 4”. Lift blocks are installed between the axle, and the leaf springs. The blocks come in many sizes, and shapes, in order to accommodate most suspensions. Lift blocks are secured in place with extended u-bolts, which are long, and cover the block's entirety. Using lift blocks on the front end of a vehicle, is not recommended, and may be dangerous.

Suspension lifts, which use blocks, are typically available in a kit. The kit typically includes the blocks, u-bolts, nuts, and washers. The blocks are put under a tremendous amount of pressure, therefore, they are made from either cast iron, or strong steel. Installation of the blocks is inexpensive, and convenient, due the fact that many standard parts do not need to be removed, unlike other types of lift kits. Because of these benefits, blocks are the preferred method used when doing a small lift on a vehicle.

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