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Billet Grilles
Billet Grilles

A billet grille is an aftermarket part used to enhance the appearance, or function of the vehicle's factory installed grill. This type of grille differs from all the other grilles because it is made out of a solid billet of aluminum. Some billet grilles are also CNC machined from one solid sheet of aluminum. Both of these processes are used because they produce the highest quality grille possible. These precise methods of making these grilles are also used because most custom grilles will have designs that can be hard to shape with less thorough methods such as stamping. Some new advances in technology have allowed billet grilles to be made out of other metals or ABS plastic but they are still most commonly made out of aluminum.

The shape and size of a billet grille will depend on the type of vehicle it is going in and the application of that vehicle. For example, specialized grilles are made for better air flow while other grilles are designed to actually limit airflow. This is why high performance cars will likely have a different type of grille than a vehicle such as a truck. Since billet grilles are built to replace the original grille, they will likely use all of the same mounting locations and pins that the old grille was secured with. This makes installation of a new billet grille extremely easy and something that most people could do at home with common tools. Whether you’re looking to increase a vehicles performance or enhance the vehicles looks, a billet grille is one of the first things that should be added because it will do both.

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