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Billet Accessories
Billet Accessories

Billet accessories are high end components, which are installed on a vehicle, in order to enhance its appearance, or performance. Billet accessories are desirable due the superior process in which they are manufactured, versus a lower quality process,which uses plastic or inexpensive metal. Billet accessories are also superior due to the fact that the parts are made out of billet stock, instead of being stamped or casted. This process is very costly to manufacture, due the amount of wasted metal, and how difficult it is to mass produce these parts.

Aluminum is typically used to make billet parts due to it being lightweight, and durable. Common billet components are grills, vents, handles, fuel tank caps, shifters, and emblems. Components like these experience a great amount of pressure, and strain, which makes it imperative to use billet parts. Billet accessories blend well with the factory installed components, and they are available in custom made designs, or original factory designs.

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