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Bed Tent
Bed Tent

Bed tents are used in the back of a truck,and covert the truck's bed into a shelter,providing it's occupants shelter from the elements. These tents are designed to be set up and disassembled within minutes which makes them good for long road trips or when going off roading into the mountains. Bed tents use ropes and other tie downs which are secured to the wheel wells, bumper, hitch, or bed rails which is why the tent is so stable. Most bed tents have a fairly simple design with an opening being near the tailgate so that people have easy access to get in and out.

Using a bed tent is a really good idea when out in the wilderness because it keeps the occupants in the tent safe from any creatures which would have easy access to it if the tent was on the ground. The material used to make most bed tents is nylon because of its ability to stop water seepage and tears. This strong material also allows the tent to be thrown into the back of the truck or behind the seats without having to worry about it getting ruined. Some high end bed tents will have added features such as windows or the ability to fold over the side of the truck for added room and storage. These larger more luxurious tents may require addition support from poles which may have to be staked into the ground. It is a good idea to get a blowup truck bed mattress when using a bed tent because most trucks will have ribbed plastic bed liner that can be a less than ideal sleeping surface.

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