Vehicle Bed Rails

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Bed Rails
Bed Rails

Bed rails are used on the top fender of a truck's bed,in order to protect the painted surface and provide added security for any cargo the truck may haul. These rails typically run the entire length of the bed and they are secured in place on either end with heavy duty bolts or screws. It is important that these rails are secured in place properly because they are commonly used to secure things in the bed with rope or tie downs. This means that the rails may be subjected to tightening ropes or the weight of an object trying to shift in the bed. A rail that is not properly secured can easily rip out of the tin body panels and cause extensive damage.

Even though drilling may need to be done to install bed rails, it is normally a project that can be done at home instead of paying an expensive body shop to do it. Since bed rails run the distance of the trucks bed, they provide added protection against chips and dings on the paint when lifting or sliding things into the bed. Almost all bed rails are made out of tubular metal that is either stainless steel or regular steel that is coated in a chrome or black finish to resist corrosion since the rails are constantly exposed to harsh elements. These different finishes also allow the owner to customize the rails to their specific taste or vehicle design.

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