Vehicle Bed Protection - Caps

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Bed Protection - Caps
Bed Protection - Caps

Bed protection caps are attached to the top of a truck's fender,and prevent the paint or metal from dings or dents,which may occur when loading or unloading the truck's bed. These caps contour perfectly to the top of the fender to provide a sleek look while adding an extra layer of protection. The length and width of the bed caps will vary depending on the type of truck you have so it is important to buy a set that will match your particular vehicle. There are many different methods of holding the caps in place but the most popular methods are the use of two sided 3M tape or drilling holes and screwing them in place. Since both forms of holding the caps in place are fairly simple, installation can normally be done at home rather than paying an expensive shop to install them. When buying bed caps, it is important to get a matching tailgate cap as well since that part of the bed is a high traffic area which makes it more susceptible to damage.

Most bed caps are made out of a strong plastic that is UV resistant and designed to be impact and warp resistant. Bed caps are also commonly made out of metal with a chrome finish so that the caps can be better matched to other chrome accessories on the truck. Some bed caps will also have stake holes which allow hooks in the top of the fender to still be used for things such as tying ropes to secure things in the bed.

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