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Bed Mats
Bed Mats

Bed mats are used in the back of trucks, in order to provide cushion between the metal of the truck's bed and the cargo. These mats are available in many different materials such as rubber and carpet. In most cases, rubber mats are preferred because they are resistant to the elements, provide protection to the bed, and allow things to be kept in the bed without fear of them sliding around as the truck stops and accelerate. Bed mats are normally custom made for each specific vehicle because there are many obstacles that have to be accounted for in a bed such as the wheel wells and railing. Providing protection to a trucks bed is important because it prevents unsightly scrapes and dents from occurring which can rust and cause more problems down the road.

Many bed mats will have an optional tailgate mat which protects the tailgate when loading things in the truck. This tailgate mat will also provide a better looking finish to the bed when nothing is being stored in it. The thickness of these mats will vary depending on who makes it but most are between 1/8” and 3/8” thick. Having an option between thin mats and cushiony mats is good because some people will want a thick mat that will provide ultimate protection while others will want a thin mat which can easily be removed and stored when not in use. Most bed mats will have a pattern or design on them which will provide addition grip. Some companies can even imprint customized logos on the mats for that personal touch.

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