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Bed Liners
Bed Liners

Bed liners are used in the back of a truck,in order to protect the truck's paint from being scratched or dented when loading or unloading cargo. These liners are made out of a super strong plastic-like material that won’t degrade, crack, or fade when exposed to long periods or UV rays. The difference between a bed liner and bed mat is that the liner rides up on the sides surrounding the bed to provide protection on those surfaces as well. These liners are dropped right into place and they contour around all the objects that stick out in the bed such as the wheel wells and fender supports. Once in place, some liners will require securing with bolts or screws but most of today’s liners have such a nice fit that securing it is probably not even necessary. Some bed liners will also come with a tailgate liner which screws or bolts onto the inside of the tailgate. Stamped plastic liners are an inexpensive way to protect the entire bed of a truck without having to permanently alter the beds original paint finish in case you ever want to go back to how it was.

In recent years, many manufactures have came out with spray on bed liners that can provide perfect uniform coverage to the entire bed without having to deal with thick or wrong sized liners. Most spray on liners are super durable and resistant to any element you can throw at it. The downside of this type of liner is that it is expensive due to the fact that allot of prep work has to be done and a professional is usually needed if you are truly looking for a professional finish. Most spray on liners are also permanent since the substance used has to be hard and powerful enough to ward off anything throw at it when it is being used. This means that any stains such as spilled paint may become a permanent edition to your truck bed.

The design and shape of the inside of a bed liner has greatly improved over the years. Many modern liners will have treaded patterns etched in them so that water or any spilled substance such as gasoline gas easily run out the back of the truck instead of pooling up in the bed. This added tread also keeps things from sliding around in the bed while acceleration or breaking. There are also some liners available that are crafted out of a carpeted material. These carpeted liners will keep things in the bed from getting damaged but they are only good on trucks with a tonneau cover or some other type of cover. It is essential to use a cover with carpet because if it gets wet, it can become moldy which will damage both the carpet and anything on it.

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