Vehicle Bars & Arms- Lift

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Bars & Arms- Lift
Bars & Arms- Lift

Bars, and arms, are components on a vehicle which connect the frame, to the vehicles' suspension. The most common of these bars, is the trailing arm. This component connects the rear axle, to the vehicle's frame. The trailing arm supports the coil springs, while remaining flexible enough to move up, and down, with the suspension, however, it is does not move laterally, which results in under steering. To remedy this, the semi-trailing arm was created. This arm has many of the same features as the trailing arm, except, it is able to pivot at either end of the axle, at an angle between 50, and 70 degrees. When entering a turn in a vehicle which has a semi-trailing arm installed, the pivoting angles have a cancelling effect on each other, which eliminates under steering. In order for the wheels to be positioned at the correct angle, beams, and struts, may be used, depending on the suspension's design.

Bars, and arms, are designed to fit the original suspension, and may need to be adjusted, or replaced, when tuning the suspension, or doing a lift. In order to accommodate specific changes, there are bars, and arms available in numerous sizes. These components are vehicle specific, based on the vehicles function, and its suspension. For example, the bars, and arms, for a high performance car, are very different than those installed on a heavy truck, due to the difference in their suspensions. These components typically come with mounting accessories, in order to ensure the correct fit. These components are typically made from steel, or aluminum. These materials reduce the possibility of bending, and cracking under tremendous pressure.

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