Vehicle Ball Joints

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Ball Joints
Ball Joints

Ball joints are spherical bearings used in vehicles to connect the control arms, to the steering knuckles. Ball joints pivot between the wheels, and the vehicle's suspension, and are an integral part of the vehicle's ability to steer properly, and operate safely. There are several types of ball joints, and they can be sealed, or open. Sealed ball joints are preferred, due to dirt, and grime not being able to enter the joint. A sealed joint is optimum because oil has nowhere to escape, which means, continual lubrication of the ball joint, which will prolong the life of the joint. Open ball joints are susceptible to dirt, and grime, and require regular lubrication, in order to prevent metal to metal contact.

Over time, the ball joint's seal will fail, and need replacement. Ball joints typically fail around 80,000 miles. When clicking, snapping, or squeaking can be heard, while turning the steering wheel, the ball joints may be worn, and require replacement, in order to operate the vehicle safely.

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