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Arm Rests
Arm Rests

Arm rests are factory installed in most vehicles,and are available in many styles and shapes depending on the vehicle's interior. For example, a small car typically has an arm rest installed on its door panel and/or the vehicle's center console,whereas a truck may have an armrest installed on the door panel and/or a folding bar next to the vehicle's seat, for the other arm. An arm rests durability, and comfort depends on the make and model of the vehicle,and its interior.

Folding arm rests are popular, due to their ability to fold up when not in use, and are especially convenient for passenger's in back seats which are bench style seats, due to the armrest creating more of a bucket like seat, when in use. When these arm rests are not in use they are easily folded up, to create extra seating.

Arm rests are typically padded and covered with a fabric material,or leather in order to make them more durable,and comfortable. Logos or decals can also be custom stitched in to the vehicle's armrests. Some vehicles have cup holders and other storage compartments built in to the arm rest,for added storage of cd’s, change, sun glasses, cell phones, garage door openers, etc.

For vehicle's such as large,commercial trucks that may not have factory installed arm rests, aftermarket arm rests are available in many sizes, and colors in order to fit, and match the vehicle's interior. Aftermarket arm rests are typically installed with the vehicle's center seat belt(if the vehicle has a bench seat).

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