Vehicle Air Fresheners

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Air Fresheners
Air Fresheners

There are many styles of air fresheners available such as, spray, air fresheners which attach to the vehicle's vents,and scented paper that can be hung from a component in the vehicle. The most popular air freshener is the scented paper, because it is simple, cheap, and is easily placed in the vehicle. Air fresheners that are attached to the vehicle's vents are also popular due their ability to transfer their scent throughout the vehicle quickly, due to the air from the vents blowing the scent throughout the vehicle.

Typical air freshener ingredients are formaldehyde, aerosol propellant, petroleum distillates, and p-dichlorobenzene. Due to this combination of chemicals, modern air fresheners are available in small containers, due to their concentration,and strong smell. Many of these ingredients are toxic chemicals,and can pose a health risk when exposed to for a length of time,therefore it is imperative that these air fresheners are stored in a sealed container.

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