Universal Snowmobile Covers

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Universal Snowmobile Cover
Universal Snowmobile Cover

Universal snowmobile covers are very useful when storing, or trailering the snowmobile. These universal covers can be fitted properly to any snowmobile by measuring the length from the back, to the edge of the front skiis. These snowmobile covers are typically made from polyester which helps protect from UV rays and mildew buildup which can fade your paint over time. Using a universal cover on your snowmobile while it sits in storage during the summer will protect it from dust and other things that can get on it and cause damage.

Using a universal cover while towing your snowmobile will help protect it from rocks which can be flung up and chip the paint. Universal covers are normally secured to the snowmobile with an elastic band which goes around the bottom of the cover. This band helps prevent air from working its way into the cover while being towed down the road. Having a cover that is not secured properly will create flapping noises and can possibly rip the cover off completely. Some universal covers may also come with grommets which can be used to help secure the cover using straps and tie downs. Most universal snowmobile covers are also small enough to roll up and put in a compartment on the snowmobile for storage.

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