Universal Rubber Floor Mats

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Automotive Universal Rubber Floor Mats
Automotive Universal Rubber Floor Mats

Universal rubber floor mats are convenient,and easily installed,and prevent debris from damaging a vehicle's factory installed floor mats. Universal rubber floor mats are cost efficient,and can be trimmed to fit any vehicle. These mats are typically rectangular,and have a narrow top,which allows them to accommodate the shape of most vehicle's.

Most universal rubber floor mats are made out of vyram, which is a tough rubber,and is able to prevent debris such as mud, snow, gasoline, and chemicals etc. from damaging the floor of the vehicle, and are easily cleaned.Universal floor mats have a no-slip bottom,which prevents movement of the mat.Rubber floor mats can not absorb moisture,therefore channels are stitched in to the mat, in order to control the flow and placement of the liquid. These channels typically direct fluid away from any passenger's, until it is drained. The channels also provide grip,and an area for scraping debris off of shoes. Some universal rubber floor mats may also feature a lip along the edge of the mat to better protect the vehicle's original flooring.

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