Universal Rubber Cargo Liner

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Universal Rubber Cargo Liner
Universal Rubber Cargo Liner

Universal rubber cargo liners are a strong, and flexible, liner capable of protecting a vehicle's interior from anything which may damage it. Its flexibility allows for easy installing and disassembly which is especially helpful when cleaning it. A rubber cargo liner is cleaned using a hose and then left out to dry before installing it back in the vehicle. Universal rubber cargo liners come in a standard size that fits many vehicles which means that it may not completely cover all the surface area in the cargo space.

Rubber cargo liners are very commonly used as a universal liner because they can be trimmed using scissors to from around wheel wells and speaker boxes. This gives an added advantage the harder material can do. Some universal rubber liners may utilize lips on the edges of the liner to help keep debris and liquid from bouncing out onto other components. Having a lip surrounding the liner is definitely a plus but it can limit the amount of trimming that can be done to ensure a snug fit. To prevent movement, a non slip bottom is common on rubber liners to prevent sliding when driving and putting heavy objects in the cargo area. Universal rubber cargo liners are available in a variety of different colors and designs to match the original interior of the vehicle.

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