Universal RV Covers

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Universal RV Cover
Universal RV Cover

RV covers are essential for keeping any RV in good condition. Whether it is in storage, or parked in the woods while camping, RV’s are exposed to many harsh elements. Universal RV covers are normally purchased and fit to your RV based on its length. Universal RV covers are normally made from polyester which is very durable and abrasion resistant. This material also helps protect your RV from UV rays when sitting out in the sun for days on end. Covers made with this material also allow condensation buildup between the cover and the RV to evaporate. Allowing condensation to evaporate helps fight grime or mold from building up. The inner part of the covers is usually soft to avoid scratching or scuffing the paint.

RV’s are usually kept exposed on the driveways or in the woods were they can be damaged easily. Getting a cover will help protect your RV from things such as water, bird & tree dropping, dust, and airborne pollutants. Universal RV covers usually have grommets which are normally located at the bottom of the cover. These grommets can be secured together with a tie down or bungee cable to help prevent the cover from being blown off the RV, or getting stolen. Universal RV covers are usually thin and light so that it can be easily stored. Having a light cover also makes it easier to put on and remove.

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