Universal Motorcycle Covers

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Universal Motorcycle Cover
Universal Motorcycle Cover

Universal motorcycle covers are ideal for when the motorcycle is being stored for the winter, or when leaving it outside for long periods of time. These universal covers come in different sizes which are determined by the length of your bike, and its engine size. Motorcycles are usually kept in storage for long periods of time, which is why getting a cover that can protect your bike from airborne pollutants, bird & tree droppings, dust, and water is very important. A universal motorcycle cover will also prevent things from dinging up your bike in case something falls or bumps into it. These covers are also lightweight which makes them easy to carry around and keep in storage. Covering up your motorcycle will help hide your bike when you are not around which can prevent theft.

Universal motorcycle covers are normally made out of a polyester fabric which helps shield your bike from the elements. Universal motorcycle covers are especially useful if your bike is kept outside were it is directly exposed to the sun. UV rays can fade your motorcycles paint and crack rubber parts such as the seat if it is not protected by a cover. The material of the cover also allows for condensation which can build up in between the bike and the cover to evaporate. Some universal motorcycle covers may also be fitted with a heat shield were the engine and exhaust are to prevent them from burning the cover if it is put on right after being used. Some universal motorcycle covers use elastic straps built into the bottom of the cover to hold everything in place. Some universal covers feature grommets which can be threaded with steel cables to help prevent the cover from being blown off, or getting stolen.

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