Universal Carpet Cargo Liner

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Universal Carpeted Cargo Liner
Universal Carpeted Cargo Liner

Universal carpet cargo liners can be used to give a vehicle an original carpeted appearance but with the added protection of a cargo liner. The carpeted liner is available in many different colors which can allow it to be matched to the rest of the vehicles interior. Carpet cargo liners often have designed and logos on them which can add some character to a vehicle. Universal carpet cargo liners are designed to fit in many vehicles with one size which can cause a lack of area being covered or interference with other components located in the trunk or cargo area.

Most universal carpeted cargo liners are made out of nylon which provides great strength and won’t wear over time with constant use. A latex underbelly is also common on universal carpet cargo liners to help prevent liquids of dirt that seeps through the carpet from getting on the original interior. A fray resistant border is also common on carpeted cargo mats because the edges are usually the areas that wear the quickest.

Most universal carpet cargo liners are secured using a non slip backing which is especially needed when sliding heavy objects over the liner. Other forms of securing the liner may be used such as straps or clips. Adding a universal carpeted liner in the cargo area will also help insulate the inside of the vehicle from noise since the cargo area is normally one of the worst insulated parts on a vehicle.

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