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Universal Car Cover
Universal Car Cover

Universal car covers are used for when a vehicle is in storage, or for protection from the elements. These universal covers are designed to fit almost any vehicle of that specific shape and size that the cover is purchased for. For example, a universal truck cover should fit most trucks, or a universal sedan cover should fit most sedans. Since these covers are designed to fit many different makes and models, they do not usually have pockets to fit around things such as mirrors or the antenna. Some universal car covers will feature grommets, which are used to secure the cover on the car to help prevent it from blowing away, or being stolen. Many of these covers may also feature an elastic bottom which helps keep the cover secured to the car.

These universal car covers are usually made out of polypropylene which is good at preventing things from getting on the car such as dust, water, airborne pollutants, leaves, and bird droppings. This material also allows moisture and condensation which is trapped in between the cover and the car to evaporate. The under coating of these covers is non-abrasive and soft to help prevent scratches in the paint. Some of these covers are also designed to be machine washed without the fear of them shrinking up, or being destroyed. Universal car covers also help prevent small dings just in case something was to bump into it while in storage. These covers are also normally very thin which makes them lightweight and easy for storage when not in use. Using a universal car cover will also help keep your vehicle safe from UV rays which can damage the interior of your vehicle if exposed for long periods of time.

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