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Universal Boat Cover
Universal Boat Cover

Universal boat and marine covers are imperative for storing a boat,and when towing a boat. Universal boat covers are designed to fit an average size boat that is a specific length. Universal boat covers still have to be purchased based on the type of boat it is. For example, there are different universal covers that will fit Flat Nose boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, sail boats, and powerboats. Universal boat and marine covers are a more cost effective alternative to getting a custom fit cover for your boat. Universal boat covers are normally secured to the boat using straps which are wrapped around the boat. These universal boat and marine covers are usually made with a cloth or tarp like material that is resistant to water and tears.

These universal covers are sometimes referred to as “shower-cap covers” because they fit around the entire top of the boat, and don’t just cover the openings like a custom cover sometimes does. Using a cover on your boat will help prevent your interior from being damaged by rain, dust, grime, bird droppings, or anything else that can land in your boat while it’s sitting uncovered. Covering your boat while you transport it will also keep it safe from rocks which can bounce up and chip the boat. Universal boat and marine covers are also good at keeping a boat safe from UV rays while it sits in the sun. These UV rays can damage your interior and fade your paint. Making sure you get a proper size universal boat cover will help eliminate moisture buildup inside the boat which can deteriorate the upholstery in the boat.

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