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About Us

U.S Sheepskin Inc. is one of the largest and the most diverse sheepskin products manufacturer in the United States. We are based out of the Pacific Northwest since 1976 and have international affiliations in Germany that are responsible for supplying the the entire European marketplace.

Our sheepskin products have been tanned using the most advanced technology known to man. As a result, simple care is all that is needed to maintain their beauty and comfort.

Our Specialty

We attribute much of our success and longevity of our Sheepskin business to having a clear focus, strong direction, and the upmost care in our products products. Our number one goal here at US Sheepskin, is to give our full attention to the needs of our customers and to the continuing improvement of quality and design in our Sheepskin products. It’s no wonder why new businesses search us out for their Sheepskin needs, and existing customers continue to support us. At US Sheepskin you will find exceptional quality and an extensive range of sheepskin products. This combined with knowledgeable and experienced staff, gives you the right tools to be successful with sheepskin products from US Sheepskin.


Sheepskin Seat Covers – The best way to protect your seats while adding an extra measure of comfort is with our automotive sheepskin seat covers. Use them for auto, car, truck, motorcyles, golf carts, airplanes, and more. Sheepskin will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. U.S. Sheepskin offers both tailor-made and ready-made automotive sheepskin seat covers with many colors and styles to choose. The finished product fits like a glove and will provide you with years of comfort and luxury.


Sheepskin Auto Accessories – Sheepskin wheel covers, sheepskin seatbelt covers, sheepskin gearshift knob covers, sheepskin heel savers, sheepskin headrest covers, and sheepakin wash and polish mitts, offer you and your vehicle comfort and convenience.


Sheepskin Slippers – Durable and soft, our sheepskin slippers offer you warmth and comfort of sheepskin in a variety of styles. We offer moccasin sheepskin slippers and sheepskin clogs in addition to our standard hard sole sheep skin slippers. We carry sheepskin footwear for men, women and children.


Sheepskin Gloves & Mittens – Keep your hands warm and cozy in super soft sheepskin mittens and sheepskin gloves from US Sheepskin. Adults and children's sizes in many styles and colors are available.


Sheepskin Hats – Here you'll find sheepskin hats for children and adults in many styles to choose from. We even have warm sheepskin ear muffs for those cold winter days or nights.


Sheepskin Baby, Child & Youth – All kinds of sheepskin baby accessories, sheepskin children accessories, and sheepskin youth accessories, to give your loved ones the comfort of sheepskin.


Sheepskin Toys – Sheepskin toys made of the finest merino sheepskin, incredibly soft with quality through and through. Sheepskin teddy bears, sheepskin sheep, sheepskin ducks, and sheepskin rabbits all invite you to cuddle with them.


Sheepskin Rugs & Pillows – U.S. Sheepskin carries a wide variety of plush 100 percent merino sheepskin pelts. The sheepskin can be sewn together to form a variety of beautiful sheepskin shapes such as doubles, quads, octos or any number of sizes.


Sheepskin Medical Products – Our Medical Sheepskin offers the finest medical grade sheepskin face pads, sheepskin pelts, sheepskin bed pads, sheepskin mollient pads, sheepskin wraps, and sheepskin crutch covers for use in medical offices and chiropractic practices.


Sheepskin Home & Office Products – Home and office sheepskin products from U.S. Sheepskin offer you the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Be the first to have a sheepskin office chair, and be the envy at work.


Sheepskin Sports Accessories – U.S. Sheepskin offers our customers sheepskin sports accessories for golfing enthusiast's, and cushy sheepskin bike seats for exercise bikes and bicycles.


Sheepskin Care Products – Great stuff like our sheepskin care brush and sheepskin cleaning detergent, make caring for your sheepskin an easy task.


Sheepskin Care Instructions – Though wool is a springy fiber, after long use it may tend to mat down a bit. To restore the wool pile to its original state, brush it up with our coarse wool brush. The coarser the brush the better. Wire brushes work best and do not harm the fleece. Wool fleece is a natural fiber and resists soiling, which simplifies cleaning. In most cases spot cleaning in place with warm water and mild soap is all that is needed to provide care.


Sheepskin Care Instructions - Removing the sheepskin seat cover occasionally and shaking it out also removes loose dirt and restores the fleece to its original condition. Remember that your sheepskin seat cover is a fine woolen product and must be treated as such. Harsh washing and, or drying can cause permanent damage to your sheepskin, therefore dry cleaning is recommended. If the sheepskin seat cover is soiled, it may be washed without damage providing that proper instructions are followed.

9668 seat pad a.jpg

Sheepskin Seat Covers Care Instructions - Hand wash sheepskin seat covers in cool to luke warm water, using a mild soap designed for sheepskin.

  • Rinse the sheepskin seat covers thoroughly with cool water and gently remove the excess water.
  • Dry the sheepskin seat covers naturally, without using direct heat. Stretch the skin during drying to prevent shrinkage.
  • When dry, brush up the sheepskin fleece with a coarse pet brush to restore to the great look and feel of sheepskin.
  • Brush and vacuum your sheepskin seat covers at least once a month.

Please note if you are not comfortable cleaning the seat covers yourself, find a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning leather.

Our Products

  • Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers
  • Ready-Made All Sheepskin Seat Covers
  • Ready-Made Sheepskin Superfit Seat Covers
  • Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover
  • Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover
  • Sheepskin Heel Saver Pad
  • Sheepskin Gear Shift Knob Cover
  • Sheepskin Headrest Cover
  • Sheepskin Wash & Polish Mitt
  • Sheepskin Slippers
  • Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens
  • Sheepskin Hand Muff
  • Sheepskin Hats
  • Sheepskin Ear Muffs
  • Sheepskin Infant Seat Cover
  • Sheepskin Baby Sack
  • Sheepskin Travel Pillow
  • Sheepskin Toys
  • Sheepskin Rugs
  • Sheepskin Pillows
  • Sheepskin Wheel Chair Cover
  • Sheepskin Medical Bed Pad
  • Sheepskin Heel Wrap
  • Sheepskin Knee Wrap
  • Sheepskin Elbow Wrap
  • Sheepskin Forearm Wrap
  • Sheepskin Crutch Covers
  • Sheepskin Office Chair Cover
  • Sheepskin Bike Seat Cover
  • Sheepskin Golf Cart Seat Cover
  • Sheepskin Golf Bag Strap Cover
  • Sheepskin Golf Club Covers
  • Sheepskin Care Brush
  • Sheepskin Detergent
  • Wool Duster


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