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Automotive Turbocharger Parts & Accessories
Automotive Turbocharger Parts & Accessories

Turbochargers are complex units,which can be installed on an engine to increase its performance. To provide this extra power to the engine, a turbocharger uses a turbine, wastegate, pumps, downpipe, gauges, boost controller, and a blow-off valve. A turbocharger is so complex because it uses the engines exhaust gasses to spin the turbine, which requires more parts to control the speed and efficiency of the turbo.

There are many common accessories used on a turbocharger. The most common accessory used is an intercooler which is designed to cool the compressed air that has been heated up by the turbo before it enters the engine. Installing an intercooler to cool the air created by the turbo will increase power generated by the engine. Power is increased because cooler air is denser, which means that there is more oxygen which will increase combustion. Another common accessory added to a turbocharger is upgraded oil lines. Having high grade oil lines is essential on a turbocharger because oil is used to cool it off. Without a sufficient oil supply, the turbo can overheat which can cause it to wear out more quickly or cause it to fail completely.

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