Truck Cab Fairing

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Truck Cab Fairing
Truck Cab Fairing

A truck cab fairing is a component on a truck,which attaches behind the cab,and on top of the bed rails. There are many different cab fairings that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on what the truck is used for. Trucks that do long distance driving will likely want a cab fairing that extends out past the back cab window to provide more shade when driving in the sun. This type of cab fairing may also make the truck more aerodynamic which can be a large fuel saver when driving on long trips. Many of the modern can fairings consist of large metal bars which provide a roll cage appearance on the back of the cab. These bars provide added safety for passengers in the cab in the event of a rollover but there mainly used to mount light or other accessories behind the cab. Mounting things like aftermarket lights on a cab fairing will eliminate the need to drill into the roof of the cab to secure lights or run wires. Almost all cab fairings are designed to not get in the way of any tonneau covers which may be used on the bed of the truck.

Since there are so many different shapes and styles of cab fairings, the material used to make them will vary greatly. Most of the fairings that are made to blend in with the cab will be made out of ABS plastic because that can easily be painted and matched to the vehicle the best. Other cab fairings use large amounts of plated metal to enhance the look of the truck as well as provide the platform to mount accessories. Cab fairings are typically only used on off road trucks or long distance trucks because they mainly are only useful to add comforts or accessories which can be needed in those situations. It is not uncommon to see people install a cab fairing on their every day driver truck because it enhances its look by giving it a mean appearance. Installation of a cab fairing is usually not that hard but it may require drilling on sections of the bed rails since that is where it mounts.

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