Truck Bed Tailgate Net

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Truck Bed Tailgate Net
Truck Bed Tailgate Net

Truck bed tailgate nets are replacement nets that fit in the place of the truck's original metal tailgate. Truck bed nets are a popular aftermarket accessory due to the fact that they enhance the vehicle's fuel economy, by allowing air to escape from the truck's bed. It is common to replace the truck's original metal tailgate when it breaks, or if reduced fuel economy is desired, with a netted one, due to the fact that a netted tailgate is much cheaper than a metal one. Since the tailgate is subjected to harsh conditions and heavy objects, the material which the netted tailgate is made from is extremely strong and durable. Most tailgate nets are made with vinyl coated polyester, which is not only strong, but also resistant to cracking or fading. The grid pattern of the tailgate net comes in many different styles, depending on the type of cargo, or load the truck hauls.

Tailgate nets are offered in many sizes, which fit most trucks. The correct fit is important in order to have the proper tension needed to contain the cargo. Tailgate nets are available in many colors in order to match other aftermarket components the vehicle may have. Installing the tailgate net is fast and easy. To make assembly and removal easier, quick release speed clips can be installed. Quick release clips are typically made from steel to provide strength and durability while securing the truck's cargo.

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