Truck Bed Cargo Net

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Truck Bed Cargo Net
Truck Bed Cargo Net

Truck bed cargo nets are used for covering the bed of the truck in order to protect the truck's cargo. Cargo nets come in many sizes, in order to fit most shapes of most truck beds. The grid pattern of the net is also available in many shapes. Small grid patterns keep small cargo from blowing away, while a larger grid pattern has the ability to stretch over large things which may stick out and over the bed rails. When assembling the net, the net is secured to existing hooks on the rail of the bed or by hooks that are located around the net. The advantages of using a net versus using rope, are easy assembly, and no tangling. Since the net does not tangle easily, it can be rolled or folded into a ball, for compact, and convenient storage.

Truck bed cargo nets are made with a weather resistant, water resistant, stretchy material which easily conforms to the truck's cargo. For example, a washing machine can be put in the bed along with some small items with the net around the entire cargo, and the net will prevent the small items from blowing out of the truck's bed. This scenario cannot be achieved with other truck bed covers that are solid or folding. Some cargo nets available, have a tarp-like material in the center of the net which provides some protection against moisture.

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