Tray Slides

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Tray Slides
Tray Slides

Tray slides are an accessory,which is used in trucks or suv’s, and makes loading and unloading cargo convenient. A tray slide is basically a flat surface that can slide out of the truck bed or cargo area so that things can be loaded onto it. Once all the desired things are put on it, the sliding surface can be pushed back into the cargo area or bed so that the tailgate or trunk can be closed. Installing a sliding tray in the back of the vehicle makes work so much easier because it eliminates any stretching or reaching that has to be done when lifting things into the trunk or over the bed rails.

The construction and design of a vehicle tray slide is fairly simple but it has to be extremely well built so that it doesn’t break or bend as more and more weight is put on its suspended surface. Most sliding trays are constructed out of high strength metal such as steel or aluminum. The top surface may accommodate non-slip material so that things which are set on the slide don’t shift while the tray itself is being slid into place. Installation of a tray slide can be fairly difficult in some vehicles because it will most likely require drilling in order to be secure enough to hold the large amounts of weight which will likely be put on it while it is extended.

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