Transmission Additive

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Transmission Additive
Transmission Additive

Transmission additive is a solution which can be added to your vehicles transmission fluid to reduce friction between transmission parts or to seal a worn out rubber seal. This solution is sold in a few different variations which is why it is important to purchase the specific transmission additive for your vehicles needs. Once an anti-friction additive is used, the internal parts should be better lubricated which will extend their service life and reduce the overall noise created by the transmission. Reducing friction will also smoothen out the transition between gears and create a better overall ride. After years of use in rough conditions and varying temperatures, transmission seals may start leaking and can create a loss of fluid. To fix this, a special additive which creates a new seal around the original seal is used to stop or limit leaking. Using additives for a fix like this is simple and will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

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