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Transfer Tanks
Transfer Tanks

A liquid transfer tank is a specially designed tank which can store and help transport liquids. This particular tank is available in many shapes and sizes,in order to fit a variety of applications. Some of these tanks are for personal use and can store as little as a few gallons, while other larger tanks may be able to store upwards of a hundred gallons of liquid. These larger tanks are commonly used in commercial applications where vehicles travel long distances with liquids, before being able to fill up again.

The material used to make a liquid transfer tank is typically steel or aluminum, because of their durability and ability not to break/crack under pressure from the liquid. Many of these transfer tanks are designed to hold non-flammable liquids, such as water. The reasoning for this is,is that some tanks do not meet title 49 of the United Stated Federal Registry, which prohibits a flammable substance from being carried in a tank that does not meet certain standards.

There are many accessories and features which are available for liquid transfer tanks. Some of these features may include lockable paddle handles, Stability Baffles, drainage plug, and even a vented coupler. These accessories enhance the capabilities of the tank when it is being used,and ease of use. Transfer tank pumps are also available, and have the ability to transfer liquid from one tank to another easily and quickly.

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