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Tires- Truck & SUV
Tires- Truck & SUV

Heavy duty truck and SUV tires are tires which are used on semi trucks, large SUV’s, trucks which are used off road, or trucks that may tow a trailer. Flat tires due to over-pressurized tires can be prevented by using sturdy truck and SUV tires. It is important to use the proper tires for these vehicles, due to their weight and the weight that may be added from a trailer in which the vehicle may tow. When extra weight is added to a vehicle it causes the tire's pressure to go up, which may cause the tire to burst. In order to prevent this, truck and SUV tires have excess rubber in their construction along with wire and fabric inserts which provide the support needed due to increased pressure.

Typical truck tires are donut shaped, which leaves plenty of room between the rim and the road's surface. Any extra room is filled with air which provides cushioning while travelling, therefore, providing comfort for the vehicle's passengers. The amount of air in the tires is referred to as PSI(Pound Per Square Inch). The psi rating of the tire should match the vehicle's load capability. In order to prevent the tire from bursting, the load of the vehicle's tire must not exceed the reccommended weight for the tire. Truck and SUV tires have specific tire ratings in order to ensure that the proper tires are used.

Truck and SUV's tire tread is very important. There are many different tread patterns. Some tread patterns are optimum for use in rain or snow while other tread patterns are made for smooth pavement. The style and shape of the tread pattern plays a large role in how the tires wear. The tire's tread assists in moving any water, snow, or even rocks out of the main tread surface in order for there to be as much rubber on the ground's surface as possible. Truck tire tread is likely to wear faster than a car's tire tread due to the truck's weight. Weight causes friction between the tire and the road's surface, therefore, causing the tire to wear more quickly. It is important when using off road tires, which have thicker tread, to refrain from driving on pavement for long durations. Driving on pavement while using an off road tire quickly wears out the tire's tread, due to the fact, that off road tire's are much softer than standard tires.

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